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Crystal Lake    
The Crystal Lake Conservancy "Paddles and Petals" event.    
Bullough's Pond   Edmands Park
An early robin and a late skier at the Martin Ski Track   From the trail on the Wellesley side of the Charles
Turtle and goose nests at Hammond Pond.    
A vernal pool walk in Webster Conservation Area    
Houghton Garden    
Edmands Park    
Nahanton Park   Tree swallows
Hemlock Gorge and Echo Bridge    
Newton Community Farm    
Hemlock Gorge after record rainfall    
Fyffe Footbridge    
Flowed Meadow   A flooded pathway along the Charles
Norumbega Park after the rains    
An unusual Eurasian Teal visited Cold Spring Park   Catch and release at Crystal Lake
    Kennard Park
Lost Pond   Sawmill Brook
A spring peeper in Cold Spring Park   Resting
    Maple flowers in Cold Spring Brook
Cutler Park    
Newton Community Farm    
Crystal Lake    
Nahanton Park    
Auburndale Park and Forest Grove    
Charles River Path    
Dolan Pond    
Nahanton Park   Cold Spring Park
Cold Spring Park    
An unusual rock?   Webster Conservation Area
Fishing in Bullough's Pond   Awtrey Dell
Houghton Garden    
Fyffe Footbridge after torrential rain   Hemlock Gorge
The aqueduct   Cold Spring Park
Rhubarb at Newton Community Farm   National Trails Day at Cutler Park
Norumbega Park    
Edmands Park   Sharp-shinned Hawk in Edmands Park
Cold Spring Park panorama    
Edmands Park   Bullough's Pond
Bullough's Pond   Bullough's Pond
Newton Highlands   Cold Spring Park
Cold Spring Park   Cold Spring Park
Aqueduct   Aqueduct
Sawmill Brook   Sawmill Brook
Sawmill Brook   Sawmill Brook

Photos by DB

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