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Newton map Hunnewell Woods Charles River Path - Bridge Street to Moody Street Awtrey Dell Frank Barney & Martin Conservation Areas Avery Woods Oakdale Woods Williams-Saco Streets Riverwalk Charles River Path - Galen Street to Bridge Street Edmands Park Bullough Pond Newton Cemetery Crystal Lake Cold Spring Park Aqueducts Nahanton Park Helen Heyn Riverway Cutler Park Brook Farm Millennium Park Hemlock Gorge Fyffe Footbridge Martin Golf Course Norumbega Park Conservation Area Auburndale Park Dolan Pond Chestnut Hill Reservation Newton Commonwealth Golf Course Houghton Garden Ordway Park Webster Conservation Area Lost Pond Kennard Park Sawmill Brook Oak Hill Pathway

This map and 32 others, all created by Judy Hepburn, were first published in the handy guidebook,
Walking Trails in Newton's Park and Conservation Lands
. (Order a copy.)

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