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Conservators volunteers built a footbridge across a stream on the trail along the Charles    
A rainy weekday in the fall. The canoe and kayak rental facility is open on weekends through Columbus Day.    
    The woodcock meadow
    The pond is dry
Bat house installed by an Eagle Scout    
The meadow continues to recover from the 2011 snow and trash dumping    
Tree swallow at the community garden    
A beaver bit off more than it could chew   On the Charles
Beekeeper Dave Reilly maintains several beehives next to the community gardens
The June Doin' was held on June 6, 2015    
  Photo by Mat Calabro
The meadow continues to recover from its use as a dump in 2001    
Hooded mergansers in the Charles   The community garden waits for spring
A green heron takes off    
Tree swallows    
    Walkers on the accessible Florrie's Path
A beaver tries to dam the Charles River close-up   The community garden

The park is used as a dump in winter 2011
(Photo by Duane Hillis)

  The same scene in May (the same scene several years ago)
The community garden waits for spring.    
Charles River Canoe & Kayak has opened a new rental location in the park. (Check their website for days and hours of operation.)   View this scene a few months later.

    The Charles temporarily reclaims a riverside trail
Bittersweet   A field of cosmos
Animal tracks in the snow   The Charles River
October frost    
    Florrie's Path
    Nature Center

Photos by DB

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