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The Charles River in South Newton

This walk on the Helen Heyn Riverway and through Brook Farm to Millennium Park is about 3 miles round trip. Adding a loop around Millennium Park brings to total route to 4 miles.

Map of the route

This hike starts from the same location as the longer walk from the Charles River to Newton Center.

Editor's Note: The Charles River Path is in two sections. Unfortunately, the only connection between them now requires navigating several large parking lots along Wells Avenue, as shown on the DCR map of the area. The Conservators supports action by the City of Newton and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to close this gap, permitting a continuous walk through parkland from Nahanton Park to Millennium Park. This walk covers only the southern section.
Helen Heyn Riverway Map
The walk begins at the end of Sawmill Brook Parkway. From Dedham Street, turn onto Wiswall Road and proceed to the end. Turn left one block to Sawmill Brook Parkway. Park on the street. Walk to where the road ends, at the entrance to the Charles River Path.

Walk straight ahead as you enter the park. Follow the path for a while, as it turns right and then approaches a soccer field. Turn left into the woods before you reach the soccer field.

Continue straight through a "T" intersection.
Keep right at a fork.

The path reaches the Charles River.

Retrace your steps to where you first entered the park.


Turn right to continue on the path.

Brook Farm Historic Site Map
At a signpost, bear right towards Millennium Park. (For a longer walk, take a detour to the left towards Gethsemane Cemetery and Brook Farm.)
Millennium Park Map
Soon you'll leave the woods, cross a bridge, and enter Boston's Millennium Park.  

The park has paved walkways, soccer fields, a playground, portable toilets, a nature trail, marshes, and great views.

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Return Walk

When you've finished exploring the park, find the bridge over which you arrived.
Back in the woods, bear left at the signpost. You'll soon reach your starting point.



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