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Long Walk or Bike Ride

Along the Charles River Path
Loop from Watertown Square to Moody Street


This loop walk or bike ride is about 7 miles long. Almost all of the route is on the Charles River Path, with just a couple of sidewalk detours.

You can start the walk at any point along the loop. The description below starts from Bridge Street and does the western loop first, followed by the eastern loop. Parking is available on the side streets parallel to Bridge Street.

See this page for descriptions of shorter and longer trips along the Charles.

Eastern section of walk:  
Western section of walk:  

Note: In December 2015, a new section of the path was completed along the river, making a direct connection between Elm Street and the Charles River Museum of Industry. The new section is shown in red on this map and is included in the description below. Also, please refer to this article.


Boston Globe map    
Begin at the corner of Bridge Street and California Street. Cross Bridge Street at the traffic light and walk west on the sidewalk of California Street.
Enter the Riverwalk.

Cross the Blue Heron Bridge, which opened in 2004.


When the path ends at Farwell Street, turn left on the sidewalk, cross the bridge, and then cross the street to rejoin the path on the Newton side of the river.

The path on the south side of the river ends at Elm Street.

In December 2015, a new section of the path was completed along the north side of the river, making a direct connection between Elm Street and the Charles River Museum of Industry and Innovation.

Ignore the arrow on this sign.


Instead, turn right and walk across the bridge.
Looking upstream, you can see the new pathway next to the museum.
As you reach the end of the bridge, look down to see the new path.
Turn right to enter the path.
The path circles underneath the bridge, and comes out onto the walkway next to the museum.
Consider making a visit to the Charles River Museum of Industry and Innovation.
Continue past the museum and walk through the park to Moody Street.
Refreshments and diversions of all kinds are available if you turn left and cross the Moody Street bridge.

This trip turns back now. If you wish to continue on a longer trip, consult this guide.

Retrace your steps and enter this path, with the Charles on your right.

Proceed along the edge of the river; bear left towards the museum.

The new path begins next to the museum entrance.
The path goes below the Elm Street bridge.
The path loops around and goes up to the bridge. Turn left on the bridge, and enter the Riverwalk.
Cross Newton Street and continue on the Riverwalk.
Cross the river on Farwell Street.
Enter the Riverwalk again.
Cross the Blue Heron Bridge.
The path ends on California Street.
Follow the heron footprints on the sidewalk, turning left across the Bridge Street bridge. Walk past the site of the Bemis Dam.
Cross the street and enter the Riverwalk.
If you have a longer trip in mind, you can follow the signs for the East Coast Greenway, which eventually will lead from Maine to Florida.
Bear right onto a dirt path as the trail approaches a swimming pool.

The walkway ends at Galen Street in Watertown Square. Turn right to cross the river.

If you're in the mood for more riding, the Paul Dudley White Bike Path extends from here to the Science Museum in downtown Boston.


After you cross the bridge, turn right on the sidewalk of California Street.

Cross a footbridge over Laundry Brook.
Continue along the edge of Allison Park.
Walk past Post 440, the home of the Conservators annual meeting.
Return to your starting point at Bridge Street.



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