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Long Walk or Bike Ride

Along the Charles River Path
Loop from Watertown Square to Bridge Street


This loop walk or bike ride is about two miles long. It covers the area described on this page.

You can start the walk at any point along the loop. The description below starts from Bridge Street. Parking is available on the side streets parallel to Bridge Street.

See this page for descriptions of longer trips along the Charles.


DCR map

Boston Globe map Printable trail map    
Begin at the corner of Bridge Street and California Street. Cross Bridge Street at the traffic light and turn right on the sidewalk of Bridge Street.  
Follow the heron footprints on the sidewalk. Walk past the site of the Bemis Dam.  
Once you've walked over the river, cross the street and enter the Riverwalk.  
If you have a much longer trip in mind, you can follow the signs for the East Coast Greenway, which eventually will lead from Maine to Florida.  
Bear right onto a dirt path as the trail approaches a swimming pool.  

The walkway ends at Galen Street in Watertown Square. Turn right to cross the river.

If you're in the mood for more, the Paul Dudley White Bike Path extends from here to the Science Museum in downtown Boston.


After you cross the bridge, turn right on the sidewalk of California Street.

Cross a footbridge over Laundry Brook.  
Continue along the edge of Forte Park (formerly Allison Park).  
Walk past Post 440, the home of the Conservators annual meeting, and also of the Friday Newton farmers' market.  
Return to your starting point at Bridge Street.  



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