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Spring 2010

Invasives Pulls are a Success

The first invasives pulls of 2010 were held in Cold Spring Park, Auburndale Cove, Sawmill Brook, and Dolan Pond.

Conservators Board member Katherine Howard, Conservators Board of Advisors member Eric Olson, and Auburndale resident Adrian Bishop really pulled (no pun intended) the events together. We are very much indebted to their commitment to preserving the plant biodiverity of our Newton parks.

Special thanks for the success of the Japanese Knotweed pull at Auburndale Cove also should go to to Frank and Deb Howard and to Conservators president Jane Sender.

Auburndale Cove photos by Steven Sulewski
Before the pull at Auburndale Cove   After
Japanese knotweed    
Photos by Jane Sender
Katherine and Irene Howard at the garlic mustard pull at Sawmill Brook on May 16th.   Eric Olson, Katherine Howard and a group of volunteers went back to Dolan Pond on May 23rd. While last year’s garlic mustard efforts clearly paid off, the persistent weed showed up in some new places. Japanese Knotweed efforts have also paid off, and infestation sites are being watched.




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