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for the protection of Newton's open space for wildlife and for the community.
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Save Webster Woods
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    Conservation News

    Riverside Greenway Forum

    A panel discussion of the proposed Riverside Greenway was held at the Newton Free Library on January 24th. View the slide show about the Greenway presented by Herb Nolan of the Solomon Foundation.

    Sudbury Aqueduct Petition

    The Newton Bicycle/Pedestrian Task Force is circulating a petition urging Mayor Fuller to request that the MWRA officially open a portion of the Sudbury Aqueduct for use by walkers.

    New Trail Marking in Newton Conservation Areas

    The Newton Conservation Commission has installed new trailhead signs, intersection markers, trail blazing, and QR codes in many conservation areas. learn more

    A New Bridge in Nahanton Park

    The Conservators installed a new bridge across a small stream along the riverside path in Nahanton Park.

    New Boardwalks in Cold Spring Park

    The Friends of Cold Spring Park, with help from Eagle Scout candidate Alex Rivero, Boy Scouts Troop 9 of Waban, and the Newton Parks & Rec department, has installed new walkways over some of the muddiest sections of the trail through Cold Spring Park.


    Goats in the Old Deer Park

    In 2017, the Newton Conservation Commission brought 30 goats into the old "deer park" section of Webster Conservation Area to nibble away at the underbrush. Learn more.

    Carlson Avenue Woods

    Before it closed down, Mt. Ida College sold 5 wooded acres of its campus to the Mormon church, which hopes to build a temple on the land. The college had also requested city approval of plans to subdivide another 6.5 acres for development of housing. Oak Hill Park neighbors organized to oppose the plans.

    Save Webster Woods

    Our efforts to save Webster Woods continued in 2017. We wrote a letter to the candidates for mayor and received this reply from Ruthanne Fuller. See January 2018 article.

    More information about saving the woods

    Cold Spring Park Buckthorn Removal

    An invasive plant, Glossy Buckthorn, threatens the Red Maple forest in Cold Spring Park. A demonstration project to remove the Buckthorn is underway. An article in the Winter 2018 newsletter gives more details about the area.

    New Signs in Conservation Areas

    The Conservators have partnered with the Newton Conservation Commission on the development of new "welcome signs" at the entrances to all conservation areas in Newton. Each sign includes a "QR code" that lets visitors with smartphones see maps and other information about the conservation area.

    Echo Bridge Railing Restoration Project

    An effort is underway to raise public and private funds to restore the historic railings on Echo Bridge. Temporary chain link fencing has been in place since 2008 as a safety measure.





    Upper Falls Greenway is Officially Open

    The Upper Falls Greenway was officially opened on September 15, 2016



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    Swan on the Charles


    New on the Website

    Boston Globe GRANT program

    Boston Globe subscribers can help the Conservators by designating us as the recipient of their GRANT award

    E-Bulletin January 24, 2019

    Blue Heron Trail: Current and Future Links

    Winter 2019 Newsletter

    What Does the Newton Conservators Do?

    President's Message

    Cold Spring Park Needs Some Love

    Florrie's Path Gets a Welcome Addition; Pudding Stone in Hammond Woods

    Newton Power Choice

    Irruption Excitement

    Evening Grosbeak photo by Pete Gilmore

    View more photos


    Sculpture Exhibit on the Greenway

    Sculptures were on view this summer along the Upper Falls Greenway. More photos

    Identify This Place Contest Winners: Cold Spring Park

    Two readers identified this marsh in Cold Spring Park.


    2018 Annual Dinner

    Keynote Speaker

    President's Report



    Webster Woods photos by Anne Kane

    Identify This Place Contests

    Dogs in Newton Parks and Conservation Areas

    Photos by Jonathan Elcock

    A Visitor from the Woods

    Photos by Kenneth Mallory

    The new editor of the Newton Conservators Newsletter is Kenneth Mallory, who was formerly Editor-in-chief of Publishing Programs at the New England Aquarium. Mallory is also an accomplished photographer. View a sampling of his work.


    Wilson Conservation Lands

    The Wilson family has preserved an area of woods and gardens in Newton Centre.


    Walks Along the Aqueducts

    New photos, descriptions, maps, and shorter routes.

    A Walk Near Riverside

    A 3-mile walk along the Charles near the Leo J. Martin Golf Course covers some rough, unofficial trails as well as two new pedestrian bridges over the river.


    From King's Handbook of Newton (1889)

    Crystal Lake

    Hemlock Gorge and Echo Bridge


    Bullough's Pond

    Hammond Pond Woods


    Norumbega Park Then and Now

    Hemlock Gorge Then and Now


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