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Newton Conservators is Newton's land trust, a non-profit citizens' group that advocates
for the protection of Newton's open space for wildlife and for the community.

Webster Woods Threatened

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Congregation Mishkan Tefila owns 22 acres of land, mostly woodland, that is surrounded by the publicly owned Webster Conservation Area and Hammond Pond Reservation. Mishkan Tefila has agreed to sell the land to Boston College, whose development plans are unknown.

The Newton Conservators Board of Directors supports action by the city to protect Webster Woods.

Please contact Mayor Setti Warren and members of the Board of Aldermen to urge them to support action by the city to protect the woods.

Protect Our Herons

Herons live along the shore of many ponds, lakes, and rivers in Newton and nearby communities.

On August 19th, this Great Blue Heron was killed by off-leash dogs at Arnold Arboretum in Boston.

Conservation News

Black Swallow-Wort: Unwanted in Newton

The invasive Black Swallow-Wort is spreading in Newton.


Waban Hill Reservoir

The city of Newton has purchased this reservoir from the MWRA. Newton Conservators holds the conservation restriction on the property.


Upper Falls Greenway Construction Delays


DEP Approves Hammond Pond Floating Walkway


Digital Park Signs Installed in Three Conservation Areas



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Swan on the Charles


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Fall 2015 Newsletter

Conservation Begins at Home

President's Message

Thank the Ferns


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E-Bulletin October 16, 2015


Nahanton Park: June Doin'


Nahanton Park Beekeeping



A Walk Near Riverside

A 3-mile walk along the Charles near the Leo J. Martin Golf Course covers some rough, unofficial trails as well as two new pedestrian bridges over the river.


From King's Handbook of Newton (1889)

Crystal Lake

Hemlock Gorge and Echo Bridge


Bullough's Pond

Hammond Pond Woods


Norumbega Park Then and Now

Hemlock Gorge Then and Now

Newton park and conservation area map

Canoe and kayak launching sites in Newton


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