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President's Report: 2011

  Jane Sender (center) at the 2011 dinner with Chris Kirsch (left) and Nancy Schon
photo by Henry Finch

Thank you all very much for your enthusiastic participation as sponsors, silent auction donors and bidders, and guests at our Annual Dinner last month. We made quite a bit of money - more than we expected - but most of all we had fun, we spread our good word a little further out into the Newton community, and we let many new people know who we are and the good and important things we do. Congratulations to all who worked very hard to make this a success!

There are two significant projects to watch over the next few months. The Riverside development is continuing to evolve, and, while the project raises many issues, a couple are uniquely important to us. The Riverside site borders the Charles River, and if it goes forward there should be appropriate pedestrian and visual access for people working, living and shopping at the site. In addition, cyclists and walkers should be able to get to and use the site as much as possible. One of the main selling points of the development is the energy saving which comes from building around existing public transportation. Making it possible to use all other means of getting to and around the site is key to making this project make sense.

Second, the Chestnut Hill Shopping Center owners are seeking special permits to make changes at the site. It would be wonderful to take this opportunity to create better access to Hammond Pond from the parking lot, as well as to create a buffer for parking lot and Route 9 stormwater runoff in the process. The first public hearing before the Board of Aldermen's Land Use Committee is June 21. Check the BOA calendar for further hearings. Let the Aldermen know how you feel.

I wish you all a fun and relaxing summer!

- Jane Sender


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