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Cold Spring Park Art Installation--Mags Harries

A temporary installation by artists Mags Harries, Ross Miller, and Marty Cain, funded by National Endowment for the Arts, was placed in various locations in Cold Spring Park during the summer of 1993.

Winding Down the Cochituate Aqueduct, by Mags Harries, consisted of "artifacts and information based on historical records of water and the development of Boston."

Rulers showing the incline of the aqueduct.   The opening of the Gateway is the same size as of the Aqueduct, which is now buried underneath the pathway.
Map of the Aqueduct's 14 mile path from Lake Cochituate to the Brookline Reservoir.   Information about Boston's water usage in the 19th century, when the Aqueduct was in operation.
Bucket and information about the history of Boston and the Aqueduct.   Visitors inside "Gateway Built by the Second Little Pig."
Artifact that was once used to measure the depth of the Aqueduct's water.   String representing the length of the Aqueduct.


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