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  Chandler Pond

LOCATION: Brighton at Newton border

Swan photo

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Lake Shore Road  

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Nearby: Newton Commonwealth Golf Course

SIZE: 38 acres

LONGEST WALK: 0.6 miles

ACQUIRED: late 1930's

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Located within Gallagher Memorial Park, this urban pond is a watering hole for swan, Canada geese, heron, and rabbits. A pleasant walk around two-thirds of the pond takes you through the small park and along Lake Shore Road.

The pond is fed by Dana Brook, which flows from Newton. A 1999 dredging of the pond removed 30,000 cubic yards of sediment and deepened it from two to five feet.


1855 Created by William C. Strong for ice making. He also built large greenhouses and nurseries in the area.
1858 Malcolm Chandler bought the east side of the pond and the adjacent icehouse. Chandler had previously owned an ice cutting operation at Hammond Pond, and he later developed Waban as a suburb.
1925 Houses built around the pond.
1941 City of Boston built Alice Gallagher Memorial Park on southwest edge of the pond.
1999 Chandler Pond was dredged.


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