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Angino Farm

The Angino Farm is a 100,000-s.f. property with an antique dwelling (part dating from the 1700s) and an antique barn at the corner of Winchester and Nahanton Streets in Newton. The farm is now for sale, and development of the entire site for housing is likely unless the Conservators can put together a plan to save it.

The Angino Farm is adjacent to the Ledgebrook Condominium, a high-quality condominium complex at which much of the land is restricted as open space. The land at Ledgebrook that is adjacent to Angino Farm is protected as open space. Nearby sites include Nahanton Park (a large open space extending to the Charles River), the Wells Avenue office park, the CJP complex on Winchester Street, and the Charles River Country Club. Land along both streets in the immediate neighborhood is largely undeveloped open space.

Angino Farm is the last active farm in Newton. It has been fallow in recent years. The Conservators have the entire property under agreement for purchase. The Conservators seek two partners who would work with us to preserve this property:

  • a farm group to operate a farm on two acres, including a barn
  • a conservation buyer for the existing farmhouse

Proposals are needed by June 30, 2004.

The Farm Group

A field of about two acres is available, together with an antique barn. In the past, the farm was used for raising corn, vegetables, and flowers. It has not been in active use in recent years. The farm sits next to a farmhouse that is to be sold separately, to a single-family buyer, an investor, or a low-income housing group.

The Conservators are looking for a group with experience in farming. We are looking for a group that will operate the farm as a single operation (versus parceling the site into smaller, individual plots). We want to see the Angino Farm operated as a real, active farm.

Any of these activities would be possible:

  • growing of vegetables
  • fruit orchard
  • horse pasture
  • keeping chickens, goats, farm animals that may be allowed under zoning
  • organic farm
  • growing flowers


Conservation Buyer

The house is an antique single-family dwelling in fair condition. It has about 2,000 square feet of living area. The house is capable of expansion and is to be sold with about 15,000 square feet of land. The house has good potential for historic restoration.

The house is adjacent to the farm fields of the Angino Farm, which are to be used as an operating farm. The farm surrounds the site on two sides. On the third is the Ledgebrook Condominium, an attractive complex on ground that rises to the east. The condominium buildings are separated from the Angino farmhouse by condominium land that is under a conservation restriction, preventing its future development. Thus, the Angino farmhouse is a private site surrounded by protected land.

We seek a "conservation buyer" to pay a substantial price, in order to help defray our acquisition price for the entire farm. Another possibility is an investor group or an affordable housing developer.


Timing of Proposals

Proposals are sought before June 30, 2004.


For More Information

To make a proposal, or to get more information, please call Duane Hillis at 617-699-8050.


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