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Angino Farm for Sale

Angino Farm

The Newton Conservators offer for sale a 30,000-s.f. farmstead with an antique dwelling (part dating from the 1700s) and an antique barn at the corner of Winchester and Nahanton Streets in Newton. The parcel is part of the larger Angino Farm of about 100,000 square feet of land. The entire 100,000 square feet are offered for sale; 70,000 square feet that are in the farm field along Winchester Street are to be made subject to an Agricultural and Open Space Restriction that will limit this land’s use. The house will be made subject to a Historic Easement to prevent its removal.

Angino Farm is the last active farm in Newton. It has been fallow in recent years. The Conservators have the entire property under agreement for purchase. The Conservators seek a partner who would acquire the 30,000-square-foot portion of the site. Zoning is for single-family use and allows for up to three house lots on existing frontage. The house sits on one lot. The barn sits on another.


The Angino Farm is adjacent to the Ledgebrook Condominium, a high-quality condominium complex at which much of the land is restricted as open space. The Ledgebrook site is zoned for multi-family use. The land at Ledgebrook that is adjacent to Angino Farm is protected as open space. Winchester and Nahanton Streets both carry substantial traffic. The development land made available here at the Angino Farm is set back from the streets. Other than Ledgebrook, nearby sites include Nahanton Park (a large open space extending to the Charles River), the Wells Avenue office park, the CJP complex on Winchester Street, and the Charles River Country Club. Land along both streets in the immediate neighborhood is largely undeveloped open space.

Possible Uses of 30,000-s.f. Development Site

The 30,000-s.f. development site is capable of subdivision into as many as three house sites. The larger parcel contains just under 100,000 square feet. The zoning allows house lots with a minimum area of 25,000 square feet and allows development to a floor area ratio of up to .15:1. Thus, roughly 15,000 square feet of building can be developed, in three lots, with 5,000 square feet of building on each lot. The existing frontage is sufficient to meet minimum requirements. The Conservators would allow driveway easements to the building sites from the frontage.

Possible uses for the development land are as follows:

  • 3 house lots
  • 1 large estate-type lot
  • school
  • place of worship
  • multi-family (with zone change)
  • congregate housing (with approvals of City)

The configuration of the land, with farm land and the development area, is shown in this plan.

Click for larger image

Allowed and Prohibited Uses on Farm Land

Uses that are to be allowed on the farm land are as follows:

  • orchard
  • grazing of sheep or horses
  • fallow field
  • meadow (mowed annually)
  • other farm activities with approval of occupants of developed land

Uses that are to be prohibited on the farm land are as follows:

  • application of fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides
  • applications and uses inconsistent with operation of an organic farm
  • excavation other than soil tilling and planting
  • construction of buildings
  • construction of fences or walls other than a farm-style fence on the perimeter of the farm land
  • keeping of noise-producing farm animals
  • noise-producing farm activities (operation of heavy mechanized equipment)
  • on-site open storage of farm equipment
  • composting; stockpiling of soil or other farm materials
  • activities and uses that are detrimental to the quiet enjoyment of the adjacent developed land

The asking price is $2,000,000. The Conservators seek offers at no less than $1,500,000. (The Conservators have the entire property under agreement for purchase at a higher price and would make up the price difference with City funding, through the Community Preservation Act.)

Timing of Offers

Offers are sought before May 22, 2004.


The Newton Conservators will evaluate offers in terms of price, the type and extent of development proposed, and the ability of a buyer to complete the transaction. The preferred partner is a conservation buyer paying $2,000,000 or more, one who would make use of the parcel as a single, oversized estate-type lot, confining development within the existing house and barn and, possibly, expanding the house with an addition in a farmhouse or barn style. A three-lot developer is also a good partner.

We would prefer a developer who would construct any new buildings in a farm building style. We seek to preserve views of the farmstead from the two streets. We would consider as a buyer a community group such as a school that would take part in the operation of the farm fields.


Prospective buyers may submit offers to Newton Conservators, c/o Reenstierna, 127 Bay State Road, Boston, MA 02215. Buyers may fax offers to 617-577-0196 or may deliver offers by email.


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