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  Dolan Pond Conservation Area

LOCATION: West Newton

On the boardwalk

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Webster Park Road  Auburndale Avenue  Stratford Road

MBTA: A 10 minute walk from West Newton, which is served by commuter rail and many bus lines.

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SIZE: 8 acres

LONGEST WALK: 0.4 miles

ACQUIRED: 1979 and 2004

OFFICIAL WEBSITE: Conservation Commission


This is a wetlands area traversed by paths, boardwalks, and foot bridges. There are four small ponds in all.

Walking, bird watching, nature study, and ice skating. A biodiversity study in 2000 found 120 plant, animal, and insect varieties. Red maple swamp with netted chain fern, round-leaved sundew, swamp milkweed, poison sumac, and cotton grass abound. Birdwatchers have spotted over 130 species of birds near Dolan Pond.

Accessibility iconACCESSIBILITY:

The boardwalk and trail system is wheelchair-accessible.


The western part was owned by Charles Dolan. The eastern end of Quinn Pond (Secret Pond) was owned by Catherine Quinn. The area was at one time slated for housing plots.

1979 The City took by eminent domain the privately owned portions with partial reimbursement from state self-help funds.
2003 Installation of new wheelchair-accessible paths and boardwalks.
2004-7 Community Preservation Act funds used to acquire additional land from the Forte estate to be added to the park; CPA funds also used to support work by Habitat for Humanity to rehabilitate the Forte home and build additional affordable housing .


Friends of Dolan Pond
24 Henshaw Terrace
West Newton, MA 02465


Nature at Dolan Pond

Acquisition of Forte property:

History of acquisition

November 2003 update

May 2004 update

Hidden Gem of West Newton (Fall 2017 Newsletter article)



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